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Move2Armenia's Vision for a Thriving Repatriate Community (Part 2)
Move2Armenia's Vision for a Thriving Repatriate Community (Part 2)
In part one of our interview with Move2Armenia co-founder Garik Gevorkyan, we delved into the origins, early challenges, and the pivotal role this movement plays in helping individuals relocate to Armenia. From offering a concierge service for repatriated families to providing comprehensive information for potential movers, Move2Armenia has established itself as an invaluable resource for those considering a new life in Armenia.
As Move2Armenia looks towards the future, its alignment with organizations like Repat Armenia becomes increasingly significant. Since 2012, Repat Armenia has been instrumental in promoting repatriation and offering support for the integration of individuals and families into Armenian life. This longstanding mission, along with the efforts of Move2Armenia, creates a synergistic relationship that benefits the repatriate community. Through collaboration, the organizations leverage each other's strengths, resources, and networks to enhance the repatriation experience. This partnership not only exemplifies a shared commitment to nurturing the Armenian diaspora's connection to their homeland but also ensures that the collective efforts continue to evolve, meeting the needs of repatriates in innovative and impactful ways.
As we move into part two, we'll explore the future trajectory of this rapidly growing movement. We will discuss Move2Armenia's future plans, ambitions, and how they envision their impact and growth in the coming years. This segment promises to shed light on their ongoing efforts to expand their services and the innovative strategies they plan to implement to continue supporting the repatriate community in Armenia.

1. Move2Armenia has grown significantly in a short period, becoming one of the best-known brands for relocation and repatriation in Armenia. What are your future plans and ambitions for the movement? How do you envision its growth and impact in the coming years? 
As Move2Armenia continues to establish itself as the leading brand for relocation and repatriation in Armenia, our plans and ambitions are geared toward expanding and enhancing our existing services. Our vision for the movement’s growth and impact in the coming years encompasses several key areas:
Continued Support and Development

Consultation and Legal Assistance:
Move2Armenia Business will continue to provide essential consultation and legal assistance, aiding in relocation and business registration in Armenia. This remains a core aspect of our mission, ensuring smooth transitions for businesses and individuals alike.
Employment Initiatives:
We plan to maintain and grow our employment-oriented events. These include job fairs that connect local employers with potential highly qualified employees, aiding both parties in meeting their professional needs and ambitions.
Cultural and Educational Navigation:
Recognizing the rich cultural tapestry of Armenia, we are committed to developing initiatives that help newcomers navigate and engage with Armenian cultural and educational offerings. Our recently launched application serves this purpose by providing comprehensive information about various events and activities across Armenia, not just in the capital. The app, available in Armenian, Russian, and English, can be downloaded from the AppStore and PlayStore.
New Ventures
Move2Market in Yerevan:
In December, we are excited to open Move2Market in the heart of Yerevan. This will be the largest department store of local DIY brands in Armenia, offering a perfect place to purchase gifts and souvenirs. Additionally, it will serve as a venue for educational events. The Move2Market courtyard will feature a food court, hosting some of the most exciting gastro projects in Yerevan.
Ongoing Improvement of the Move2Armenia Catalog&FAQ:
We are committed to continually improving and updating our extensive catalog of Armenian companies with verified information. This resource is crucial for newcomers and locals seeking reliable business and service providers in Armenia.
Move2Armenia Cluster
We are actively searching for a location and venue to create a large creative cluster that will unite more than 100 teams and performers, both Armenian and international. The Move2Armenia cluster will serve not only as a hub for production and sales but also as a networking platform for like-minded individuals.

In summary, Move2Armenia’s future is focused on broadening our support for those who choose Armenia as their place of living, work, or education. By enhancing our existing services, introducing new ventures, and continuously updating our resources, we aim to facilitate a smoother transition for repatriates and significantly contribute to the local community and economy.
2. Community engagement is an essential part of Move2Armenia, with regular meetings and events for like-minded people. Can you share some memorable moments or success stories from these gatherings and how they have fostered a sense of belonging among your community members?
Community engagement is a vital aspect of Move2Armenia, and our regular meetings and events have been pivotal in fostering a sense of belonging among our community members. Here are some highlights and success stories from these gatherings:
Move2Armenia Culture Initiatives

Cultural Immersion:
  • Our goal with Move2Armenia Culture is cultivating a strong community through cultural immersion. We carefully select experts and instructors who can instill a love for Armenian history, culture, and language in just one meeting, whether a lesson, a tour, or a lecture. We aim to ignite curiosity and provide tools and direction for independent exploration and a deeper understanding of Armenia.
  • Nearly a thousand people have attended Move2Armenia Culture events, including guided tours, dance and cooking lessons, and lectures from leading historians. Additionally, 16 groups of students have completed an express course in the Armenian language. These experiences undeniably strengthen the bond between repatriates, immigrants, and Armenia.
Move2Armenia Business Community

Entrepreneurial Community:
  • Around our consulting branch, Move2Armenia Business, a community of active entrepreneurs and businessmen is forming. This group is united by the desire to develop their businesses in Armenia.
  • As part of Move2Armenia Business’s mission to enlighten and support, we regularly host business days and offer free consultations. We aim for Move2Armenia Business to become a hub where entrepreneurs can access expert information, share experiences, and engage with government representatives to find optimal solutions.
Gastro Business Expo&Forum:
  • A notable example was the Gastro Business Expo and Forum we organized in the summer. This event brought together major players in Armenia’s restaurant sector, providing a platform to discuss pressing issues and articulate desires for interaction with government representatives.
These events and initiatives by Move2Armenia not only offer practical support and learning opportunities but also cultivate a community spirit. They provide a platform for shared experiences, learning, and networking, ultimately contributing to the successful integration of repatriates and immigrants in Armenia. Our future plans involve building on these successful foundations to further strengthen and expand our community engagement.
3. Armenia has faced significant humanitarian challenges in recent times. How has Move2Armenia adapted to support individuals and businesses looking to repatriate to Armenia during these challenging periods, and what specific initiatives or resources have you provided to address these unique circumstances?
In response to the significant humanitarian challenges faced by Armenia recently, particularly the plight of tens of thousands of displaced people from Artsakh following a nine-month blockade, Move2Armenia has adapted its initiatives to provide targeted support. Our focus has been on facilitating employment opportunities for these displaced individuals, recognizing the importance of making them feel valued and capable of contributing their skills to Armenian companies.
Strategic Session for Employment Initiatives

Strategic Session for Company Leaders and HR:
  • On October 3, 2023, in collaboration with the Armenian Code Academy, Move2Armenia Career conducted a strategic session for leaders and HR professionals from Armenian companies, educational initiatives, and government bodies. The purpose of this session was to devise effective strategies for integrating displaced individuals into the workforce.
Large-Scale Employment Event

Move2Armenia Career Event:
  • On October 14, Move2Armenia Career organized a major employment event at Yerevan State University. This event aimed to address the employment needs of the displaced population from Artsakh.
  • More than 600 individuals from Artsakh had the opportunity to interview and interact with representatives from 20 companies in various sectors, including trade and services, construction and manufacturing, delivery and taxi services, and HoReCa (Hotels, Restaurants, and Cafés).
Outcomes of the Initiatives

Interview and Job Placement Success:
  • Each job seeker had the chance to engage in express interviews with potential employers, share their experiences, and learn about job opportunities. Following these interactions, many were invited to further stages of interviews, and ultimately, 15 percent of the participants secured employment in Armenian companies.
These initiatives are part of Move2Armenia’s commitment to support individuals facing challenging circumstances. By facilitating connections between job seekers and potential employers, we aim to provide employment and a sense of community and belonging, helping displaced individuals rebuild their lives in Armenia.

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