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  • Thoughts
    Are you ready to reclaim your heritage and shape Armenia's future? The country provides essential learning opportunities for those looking to continue their educational journey, aiding integration and professional and personal growth. In Armenia's fast development, numerous educational programs are designed to maximize the potential of both local and repatriate populations.
  • Armenian by Choice
    Carl's connection with Armenia began unexpectedly during a family holiday in 1988, exploring the historic landscapes of Eastern Turkey—historic Western Armenia. Visiting ancient Armenian sites sparked a fascination that would eventually draw him to Armenia itself.
  • Repat Story
    The village of Tsovinar in the Gegharkunik region, Madrid, then transit Yerevan-Madrid-Yerevan, well, and the final point in this long journey of self-discovery, finding one's place and purpose, Azatazen: such is the geography of Nagash Bagdasaryan's return home.
  • Tips
    Are you searching for an exciting summer experience for your children? Repat Armenia presents a wide range of summer programs specifically crafted for kids and youth in 2024.
  • Impact Maker
    From offering a concierge service for repatriated families to providing comprehensive information for potential movers, Move2Armenia has established itself as an invaluable resource for those considering a new life in Armenia.
  • Armenian by Choice
    Mathew Zein’s relocation to Armenia with his family is a tale not just of moving to a new country but of finding a place that resonated as home after years of global exploration. Arriving in Armenia with his wife in April 2017, Mathew found what had been elusive elsewhere: a sense of belonging.
  • #EngageArmenia2024: A Resounding Success Across Europe
    Spanning eight European cities from March 6 to March 13, 2024, the tour successfully brought together Armenians from diverse backgrounds to focus on the future of the homeland, fostering a deep and practical engagement.
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