• Artur Khachaturyan
    Repat Story
    "Future is in our hands, we can't live with the past. We live here and now, we need to change to the better, to help the country that needs us."
  • Mara Abramyan
    Repat Story
    “I want to show that Armenians are not a ‘poor, hungry nation’, this is not a musty country, and here is it possible to have fun and work. Enjoy the life and be happy.”
  • Taline Jivanian
    Repat Story
    "I learned from my own experience that if you approach the adaptation process by being open and willing to learn it is one of the most intriguing experiences you can have."
  • Anna Gargarian
    Repat Story
    “Living here puts your Armenian identity in perspective. I think everybody should have the experience of living here, it’s a special experience”.
  • Dro Bazikyan
    Repat Story
    "In my earlier years, I faced discrimination. Not that it bothered me a lot, but it got me thinking about it, because I was where I'm supposed to be: in my homeland.”
  • Lousineh Navasartian
    Repat Story
    "Living in Iran, you always have questions about your identity: why would you live in a country where you are considered a minority and deprived of most of rights?"
  • Impressions of Armenia
    A non-Armenian volunteer's impressions
  • Milena Bazinyan
    Repat Story
    "In the end, Armenia is my home. This is where I feel I am myself. I hope the warmth in my country is always there, and will always keep radiating that warmth for everyone."
  • Raffi and Simon Zakarian
    Repat Story
    “You don’t need a lot of money here to live on. If you are a little stable, you can come, bring a bit with you, buy a house and live your life. It is preferable to living elsewhere. At least here you know that it is your country.”
  • Garni Baroni
    Repat Story
    "I’m willing to contribute to my country, and I think that the biggest contribution to Armenia is bringing something new.”
  • The Difficulties of Moving
    When everything is fine with your family, work, friends, future prospects, and everything else with which you can live a happy life, an obscure idea such as “I want to move” confronts the complexities of a calm and reasonably stable situation.
  • Dvin Isanians
    Repat Story
    “The road that I’m following involves contributing to my homeland, both professionally and mentally. I just want to make it a better place for my children and grandchildren.”
  • Sona Baghdasaryan
    Repat Story
    "Armenia has been through changes since I first moved here. The biggest difference is that it is calmer and more peaceful. It is as if I have been here my whole life.”
  • Armen Martirosian
    Repat Story
    "If you have the opportunity to visit Armenia, take it, make some time for it. I live here now and there are still many things that I don’t fully understand, but I am slowly learning."
  • From Engagement to Investment: The Story of Olivier Mouradian
    Story of a repatriate and her vision on Armenia.